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My name is Isabella Napoli and I am 18 years old. I have recently started sharing my passion of dance with students by assisting teachers in class. I have been at the studio for over 10 years and I aspire to influence students with my love of dance.I have completed all of my CSTD Theatrical Examinations and have completed my CSTD Tap Level 9 and Tapatak Teen Advanced 2. I am completing my CSTD Theatrical Performing Arts Teachers Certificate this year. I hold a first aid and resuscitation certificate through school as well. Miss Fiona has given me many opportunities of a lifetime including, dancing in Disneyland, California, competing in local and regional competitions, and traveling to Sydney to compete in comps and be in the 2018 Sydney Tap Festival Concert. Over in Sydney, I won first place for my acapella tapping solo, and I am a 100% Certified Regional Champion for Showcase.The highlight of my dance career would definitely have to be going to Sydney and participating in the 2018 Sydney Tap Festival. I was influenced by so many national and international teachers. I look forward to continuing my journey to grow as a dancer and now as a Teacher to keep sharing my passion with the utmost enthusiasm.