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Jazz classes are a combination of styles. From Modern, Commercial, Broadway to Funky. You start with a Jazz warm-up, then kicks, jumps, turns & progressions down the hall & then learn a routine in the style of Commercial (like the video hits) Jazz classes are split into age groups:

  • Junior Jazz – 5-9yrs (approx)
  • Intermediate Jazz—12yrs & under
  • Sub/Senior Jazz—Teenagers +
  • JFH—(Jazz, Funk, Hip Hop) 12yrs +
  • Jazz Technique Class—for Intermediates, Sub’s & Seniors (designed to further advance students in flexibility, strength, turns, jumps) This class is for students who already have a strong jazz/ballet background.


Students wear leotards, bike shorts, crop tops, leggings. Studio colours or studio uniform preferred. Pull on jazz shoes either tan or black. Hair to be tied back neatly.