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Tap classes involve technique & rhythm training. A must if you wish to have great musicality in your dance.

We teach styles from traditional Broadway to street styles. Classes commence with warm ups then progress to different rhythms and steps in the centre including travelling steps, turns, working with syncopation and different accents. Students will learn about the greats in tap dance and learn about the history of this fabulous form or dance.

Classes are in age/ability groups. Also exam classes in tap may also be taken. We now include the amazing Tapatak Oz Syllabus in classes aswell. We LOVE our tap here at ATJ.

Students wear leotards, bike shorts, crop tops, leggings. Studio colours or studio uniform preferred. Tap shoes either tan or black. Bloch brand is best.

Juniors – Bloch TAP ON tap shoes tan

Intermediates – Seniors – Slicks black lace up’s