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STYLES - Ballet

Classical ballet

If you wish to achieve the best out of your dancing, a ballet class is a must. You will learn deportment, poise, grace, the disciplines of dance, technique & theory. Set exercises are done at the barre and then in the Centre. The students will also learn a dance. Classes are in age groups. CSTD Syllabus is taught in all ballet classes. (Students in competition classes are required to take a ballet class to compete in comps.

This includes ALL troupe classes as well Examinations are also available

Students to wear a good fitting ballet leotard (black or red preferred), pink tights and pink pumps. Hair to be in a neat, tight bun to ALL lessons.


Pre-School Ballet (Pre & Primary Ballet) CSTD

This class is designed to cater for the very young, in a beautiful ballet class suited for children aged from 4-6yrs. They will learn all the lovely ways of a little ballerina with specialized exercises and dance to suit this age. 

Students to wear a good-fitting leotard (pink, black or red), ballet skirt, pink ballet tights, pink pumps, and hair in a neat, tight bun.


Pointe work commences when the students have been taking ballet for a number of years and are around 12yrs of age or older. It is important that a student does not start pointe work until they have learnt correct ballet technique and are strong enough. Bones in the feet have not finished growing at a younger age so it is important not to start pointe work too early. Please ask FIONA before taking this class.