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STYLES - Competitions


Troupe classes are a lot of fun and hard work. This is the chance for the students to get out and do what they love to do and that is to perform on stage.

Students rehearse in Troupe classes each week to perform at the April school holiday comps (Bayswater Dance Festival) and the June long weekend comps (Dance Quest). Doing these classes mean that any floorshows that come up during the year, these students will have the opportunity of performing at these different functions as well!!! Routines used for the Troupes are from the Concert the previous year so costumes have already been purchased so there is no extra cost involved there. Just 2 x entry fees. (See your competition pack)

As we are trying to reach our best standards for comps, a ballet, tap & jazz class must be taken prior to committing to comps. It is important that we have all students working at the same level to achieve a strong performance troupe in a competition.

Troupes are for April & June so when committing to troupes you know it is for the 2 comps thankyou.

Regular attendance is required (even if you have to watch the class) Remember you are a team so missing students only slows the stages of rehearsal & is unfair for teachers & fellow students. Troupes must be taken before entering for solo’s, duo’s & trio’s.